ABAS Membership Details

Specialty Blends

The featured perk to ABAS membership is access to special Member Only Appalachian Wild Ale Blends and/or Barrel-Aged Stout Blend, as determined by the membership package. 2 included blends for the Wild Ale Package, 2 included blends for the Stout Package and 4 included blends for the Combo Package.

This year we are experimenting with the highly anticipated MEMBER-LED Member Bottles. This is an opportunity for YOU, the member to determine what and how many bottles you are interested in. Think of it as Member Blend a la carte.

We will give every member the chance to give us input and suggestions on what and how you would like to see more Member bottles blended over the course of 2021. These bottles will be available to members ONLY and will be based on pre-sales. Yall tell us what you want and how many you want, and that is exactly what you will get. We won’t brew extra, because they are specifically for you! On that note, there will have to be a minimum of bottles purchased before the brewers are willing to make it. If the minimum isn’t met, that beer won’t get made and we’ll try again with the next blend!

We feel confident that this is the best for everybody. Ya’ll get all of the perks of past year memberships, but the entire package is geared to suit you better.

Brewer’s Choice

An additional perk of ABAS affords you first right to purchase most brands of our Appalachian Wild Ales. This allows for an ABAS member to reserve and pay for bottles without the hassle of waiting in lines or having a fast trigger finger during an internet pre-sale. These brands will be brewer’s choice, and allotment sizes will depend on production levels.  We cannot control how many times a customer returns to the brewery to purchase these brands. Of course, members always have the option to come in and purchase public allotment sizes in the same fashion. The release dates for these brands are undetermined to allow for proper aging and conditioning.

10% Discount

As part of ABAS, you are granted a 10% discount on all non-alcoholic merchandise purchases. This is limited to in-house only. This excludes the purchase of alcohol (NC state law prohibited) and future membership dues. ABAS 10% discount is given to members only and does not include your trustee, or friends\family joining you at the tasting room.

Bottle Pick-up

We will have special pickup times for ABAS members or their trustee. All members are allowed to assign one trustee. Your trustee must present a valid ID when picking up your purchases. We do not allow trustees aka proxies for the general public. This an exclusive perk for you, the member, to make obtaining your purchases as convenient as possible. We do ask that your purchases be picked up within the pickup window as we do not have storage onsite to facilitate otherwise. If this pickup window is consistently abused, we reserve the right to revoke membership.

Quarterly Pickups
Four times a year, at the end of each quarter, Members will have the opportunity to pick up the past 3 months’ purchases at either the Morganton Green St Pub, or at Optimist Hall in Charlotte.  Members will receive a survey to tell me WHERE they want to pick up their bottles if they have waited for the quarterly pickup.  The quarterly pickups are usually a Friday-Sunday near the end of the month.

Split Memberships

We do not accommodate split memberships on our end and discourage splitting your membership. If you find an urgent need to, you are completely responsible for the logistics. All orders must be placed in the name of the membership holder, or they will be canceled. Split members will not have access to the secret Facebook group, nor will they have access to any in-house perks/merchandise.

Termination of Membership

Memberships are limited to one per person. If you purchase multiple memberships, we reserve the right to refund any unused portions of all of your memberships. This includes revoking your ability to purchase a membership for the following year. We realize that technology is not perfect and that human error always comes into play. If additional memberships were purchased by you, or for you accidentally, please let us know right away.

Please Abide

The resale of our beer by any unlicensed reseller is strictly prohibited and ILLEGAL. If you are found to exchange your membership purchases for financial gain, your membership will be revoked and you will not be eligible for any future membership purchases.

Resellers with an ABC license are strictly prohibited from purchasing membership allotments for resale or distribution. If it is found that this has occurred, we reserve the right to revoke membership, you will not be eligible for future membership purchases, or future wholesale account opportunities.

All membership purchases are solely for personal consumption or for trade without financial gain.

If a club member is found to be violating the above-mentioned terms their membership will be canceled, without refund, and they will not be eligible for future membership purchases.