ABAS 2021 Memberships are closed. Keep an eye out for ’22 Membership details!

The featured perk to ABAS membership is access to special Appalachian Wild Ale Blends and/or Barrel-Aged Stout Blend, as determined by the membership package. Already Included in the package price is 2 bottles of the Member Only Blend (4 if you are part of the combo package)

This year we are experimenting with the highly anticipated MEMBER-LED Member Bottles. This is an opportunity for YOU, the member to determine what and how many bottles you are interested in. Think of it as Member Blend a la carte.

Every member will receive a google doc form with a variety of different options that we would use/execute when blending a beer. Think of it as crowd funding a beer that you would really like to see made.

You will have the opportunity to blend:

At least 2 exclusive Member Led Wild Ales for pre-purchase (or not to purchase – your choice) at $30*
At least 2 Member Led Imperial Stouts for pre-purchase (or not to purchase – your choice) at $35*

Once again, since this will be pre-sold and blended to order, think of this as beautifully orchestrated, member-driven, private blends. These blends will not be available for the public to purchase, though we still reserve the right to have these blends on draught at our tasting rooms which would be available to the public.

*All together, members must meet a predetermined bottle minimum in order for blends to go into production. More details to come first thing in January!